My Dream of the Wicca Queen the pagan way
But after the first failing of hiring some one i found a women called Linda And wow she was on the same page and wicca queencould come to live . As me and knew what i was talking about. I sent her my score or draft and she stared to re work my words and put in a more of a book way the best bit was we worked closely, and slowly doing each page and i would send her extra parts. To be added and as we did this the book grow and as i paid only small amounts ever now and then I could afford to pay her.

Wicca Queen bookI all so run a few web sites some do well and get some nice traffic but never make me rich or pay the bills. But you have got to try ever think to make ends meat these days. ever when i did make some small money from the Adsense for some reason some one in turkey was hitting my Adsense, a lot and google closed my account down and lost all funds, in their which was nice. i am the sort of person that try very hard to get by but never got that helping hand from god or any one i have struggled, all my live to pay bills and try to do the right think but bad luck seems to be close behind me My other self in the other dimension or my past live must have been good for this time to this har

I am also hating the way the governments run or country’s and our people suffer when it does not need to be like this at all there too many political men and women. That get paid to talk crap and do nothing for the masses. But it a shame as the masses have the power to shut a country down very easily – one think i love if our queen and our royals had more of a say as there care more about the country then some gets paid as money is the driving force of today when it should not be the case.

wicca dream book



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